You can't fake awesome, or a redwood market experience


I love small local farmer's markets on weeknight evenings, they are a sweet respite from the big Saturday and Sunday markets. Easier to navigate and perfect for the quick mid-week pick-up of something fresh, each one has a unique local flavor to it - giving you a sense of what it might be like to live in that town day-to-day. This is certainly true of the Fairfax Farmer's Market in Bolinas Park as you drive through the quaint pedestrian-filled town with busy boutiques and restaurants, and strolling, ice cream cone-bearing couples.

Tucked into the redwoods in the middle of town, there is a distinct and comfortable vibe that envelopes you the minute you hear the music and peals of laughter from kids dancing and playing with their families over a sweet summer evening dinner in the park. There's just a dozen or so stands, but everything you need is there - fruits, vegetables, meats, oils, nuts, cheese, some sundries and a few dinner trucks/booths to keep you around to enjoy the music while you shop. It's one of my very favorite stops mid-week.

These small markets are also the best way to find truly localized products, especially start-ups run by the newest food entrepreneurs bringing the next generation of healthy foods to market. That was certainly the case this evening when I chatted with Leah about her granola bars that she and her sister Stephanie make by hand right up the road in Petaluma. Their branding, it turns out, is spot on. After a little sample, I can vouch for the You Can't Fake Awesome moniker. Granola so clean you can taste it. I think I just found another work day treat for those afternoon pick me ups! And the fresh redwood air absolutely made my night.

Theresa Brigandi