Peaches and melons and mint, oh my!

Peaches for days!

Peaches for days!

July at the market is good no matter where you are, Australia notwithstanding. Today we found nice ripe peaches at our favorite organic stone fruits place and turned those into peach mash for yogurt, slices for snacking and smoothies, and even a few firm ones for just eating in hand.

The melons were quite ripe too, and we picked three that should be ready a day or two apart, so we can enjoy each one at a time. Discovered some ripe avocados and made quacamole boats to power through the brief food prep session, with leftovers for tomorrow. The mushroom folks had a nice tri-pack assortment that we sauteed with some onions and garlic and tossed over spaghetti squash and marinara for dinner.

The cilantro went into the guac of course. Will probably make a pesto with the rest and maybe freeze some. The mint will pair nicely with the peach smoothies this week. Will freeze some in ice cubes too.

Of course I love the market for more than the food. Today the topiary animals made me giggle and the violin player made me wiggle, while I enjoyed a nice cool tea drink. As is often the case, the delightfully warm sunshine made me smile and helped me soak in the goodness of real local food.

Theresa Brigandi