We'll start with a 15 minute phone call to discuss what you'd like to learn, and set up our first meeting.

The first meeting will be at your home for one hour. We'll talk about how you eat, shop and cook; your flavor/taste profiles; and your comfort range for experimenting. We'll talk about what works for you now, what you want to change and why. How does food fit into your daily lifestyle with work, travel, family, your business? What are your challenges? How can we make your life easier, more fun and tasty? Oh yeah, and healthier too.

Then we'll take a look in the kitchen and see what you're working with. Let's keep this simple, we'll work with what you've got - although I'm happy to make recommendations for minor (or major) adjustments if you wish, but it's not necessary at all. We're learning easy things to do on a daily basis in a way that fits your lifestyle now.

Finally, we'll talk about how I can inspire you to incredibly simple culinary greatness and good healthful eating.

Whether that's accompanying you on a trip to the farmer's market to discover new foods or renew your interest in foods you've always loved.

Or perhaps a visit to your local grocer to talk about how to shop better, find new foods, read labels for key ingredients, or select the right fruits, vegetables and staples.

Maybe we spend some time in your kitchen becoming familiar with a new way of eating, cooking and learning how to use your kitchen more efficiently. We can spend as much or as little time together as you like. We can even get together monthly to help guide you on your way.